Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Theories Theories Burning Bright: New Reports In Dorner Holdout Suggests Police Set Fire. Police Deny.

The Dorner saga has been extended - with controversy about how he died.

And in a way that may confirm Dorner's claims of the LAPD's brutality.

Huffington Post:
     "Unconfirmed police audio from the standoff Tuesday evening with alleged cop-killer Chris Dorner suggests the fire in the cabin where the suspect was holed up may have been started by the police, the Guardian speculates.

In the police audio, which was broadcast on CBS affiliate KCAL-TV on Tuesday, frantic voices of officers can be heard, including one officer apparently saying "Burn it down" or "Burn him out," while another officer appears to shout, "F***ing burn this motherf****r!"

Not Since Rodney King

Not since Rodney King have the subjects of LAPD brutality and racism dominated the media. The video of King's beating shocked the country. The revenge killings, Dorner's manifesto and the ensuing manhunt have shocked the world.

"Deputies did not intentionally burn down the Southern California mountain cabin where fugitive cop killer Christopher Dorner apparently made his deadly last stand Tuesday, the San Bernardino County sheriff said Wednesday.
'We did not intend to burn down that cabin to get Mr. Dorner to come out," Sheriff John McMahon said at an afternoon news conference.
He said deputies initially fired "cold" tear gas into the cabin newar Big Bear Lake, then switched to "pyrotechnic-type" rounds" known as "burners."


There is "cold" tear gas and "hot" tear gas - known as a "burner". The statement of the round being "pyrotechnic-type" may have been a slip on the part of McMahon, since "pyro" ANYTHING gives images of fire and not just heat. Therefore, a denial using the term is rather odd and needs clarification or qualification: notice McMahon did not say that the "burners" might have caused or abetted the fire. Also note that reports say that SEVEN "burners" were deployed. Were seven "burners" necessary? The questions about the use of these incendiary devices may linger on for a long time.

Drivers License

Reports of Dorner's Drivers in the ruins also raise questions as to his discovery: if the cabin was engulfed in flames as videos prove, how could the man's driver's license go left unscathed? Was it that far from the body? If so, why?


The identification of the charred body as Christopher Dorner's may take some time. How the LAPD will handle that length of time may demonstrate just how determined the police force is to tamp down the theory that Dorner was, again, ahead of the manhunt

Theories Will Go On And On

Whether or not the charred body found in the burned-out cabin is Christopher Dorner's the conspiracy theories and intimations of LAPD brutality will continue. Dorner and his manifesto set the stage for theories and investigations.

Will there be absolute transparency about the manhunt and the cabin fire? Reports of limiting reporters on the various scenes of the manhunt have also come about:

Orange County Register:
     "First, as helicopters circled above the site of the standoff between Dorner and law enforcement, officials asked news helicopters to move farther from the scene. Second, the San Bernardino District Attorney's Office sent a message on Twitter saying, "The sheriff has asked all members of the press to stop tweeting immediately. It is hindering officer safety." A few hours later, the tweet was removed." 

From the onset of the manhunt, it was posited that the LAPD did not want to take in Christopher Dorner alive because of the possibility of ensuing statements shedding light on the force's continuing brutality an racism. Reporter and former police officer Michael Ruppert was extensively interviewed on the subject of Dorner's manifesto - how much of it was true to Dorner and how much of it may have been added.

So far, it seems that if the LAPD cannot absolutely prove transparency in all aspects of the manhunt, the theories will go on and on and on.

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  1. And the theories will go on and on and on and on. And why not? The LAPD may deserve the scrutiny.