Monday, August 22, 2016

Trump And Supporters Going To The Dogs: Both The Scariest Video and Stupid Geography Show How Low The IQs Can Go!

It's no secret that the demographics of Trumps supporters show some people have certain intellectual challenges, but the latest video of a "focus group" shows that his people will believe anything the Donald puts forth.


Including gun dispensers in women's restrooms (to fend off male preditors)and port-o-potties that help whisk away illegal aliens.

Then there's the "Invisible Wall" giving a zap to collared Mexicans.

And houses that lock in illegal domestics and (as the same with the port-o-potties) are taken back to Mexico.

The entire troll is cringe-enducing, with Triumph astounded at the stupidity of these voters.

Triumph the Comic Insult Dog was giving his "poop opinion" throughout the whole thing, but some idiotic comments left him speechless (see below).

After laughing so hard I almost wet my jeans, I decided that the whole thing was an elaborate joke: I googled and googled and googled to find out if the supporters were merely playing parts.

They weren't.

The horror of the stupidity and gullibility is still settling in. I was going to include a terrifying Jay Leno JayWalking clip in comparison, but that would render the reader comatose with fright.

When you view the video, notice that the group repeated the lame reasons for liking Trump: "not a politician", "says what's on his mind", "says what we want to hear," "likes Trump's 'plans'" these reasons have very little substance, giving the supporters the appearance of parrots - or rather Trumpbots.

In the video, notice that not one person objected to force, violence or discrimination. They were, in effect, throwing out basic human rights in throwing people out of the country, treating them like Jews at Auschwitz, while at the same time thinking that no one would object to the treatment. Locking people up, then carting them away like animals is, of course, what Trump has been advocating all along.

And speaking of animals...

Trump Apologizes For Interns' Stupidity But In The Process, Reveals His Own
From The Philipine Star:

According to Agence France-Presse, the Republican Party presidential bet Donald Trump strengthened his fight against immigrants in his rally in Portland, Maine on Thursday (Aug. 4). “We are letting people come in from terrorist nations that shouldn’t be allowed because you can’t vet them,” said Trump. He then named these countries as Afghanistan, Iraq, Morocco, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, Uzbekistan, Yemen and the Philippines, and piped up, “We’re dealing with animals.”
The uproar was extremely swift and palpable:

President of the Philipines, Rodrigo R. Duterte, challenged Donald Trump to a fistfight and a legislator is proposing Trump be banned from entering the country.

Irony on many levels: Duterte is considered the Philipines Donald Trump for his brash and crude ways and Trump has "branded" a 56-story residential tower in Manila. But the website for the tower has this to say:

In a statement prepared for the event, Donald Trump expressed faith in his partners and said "there will be nothing like it in the Philippines...this will be one of the most significant buildings anywhere in Asia."

In the first "apology" ever to come out of Trump, it's become apparent that The Donald may be as gullible as his supporters and will believe anything his extremely stupid interns will put forth:

Trump, in a statement released today, said that his campaign interns fed him the wrong information, leading him to believe that the entire Philippines was a Muslim country and that it was one of the Republics located in the Middle East.(emphasis mine)
This has elicited a WTF heard round the world. Is he taking geography lessons from Sarah I-can-see-Russia-from-my-house Palin?

The fact that the above excuse was even broadcast was insanely stupid.

It Runs In The Campaign Family

After incorrectly asserting during a CNN appearance on Saturday that President Barack Obama had invaded Afghanistan, Pierson showed up Sunday on Fox News to defend Donald Trump's decision not to release his tax returns.
During the segment with FOX's Arthel Neville (no FOX softballer), Pierson dismissed the idea of candidates releasing their tax returns as a "novelty". And when Neville countered that it has been done for 50 years, Pierson stated that it was a "novelty tradition." 


No knowledge of history. No knowledge of geography. No knowledge of reasoning.

We're waiting for the fat lady to sing. PLEASE! 

Too Little Too Late: The Disingenuous Donald Trump Tries A Pivot While The Fat Lady Is Getting Ready To Sing.

The statue was the coup de gras.

It's fitting that the most outlandishly crass depiction of a Presidential hopeful in this country's history matches the most outlandishly crass candidate in this country's history. The man who has humiliated the country is now being humiliated on an epic scale.

Of course, while few candidates deserve to be treated so rudely, the depiction of a naked Donald Trump titled "The Emperor Has No Balls" can be taken as a sign that the country has had enough of Trump ... As well as his supporters.

It's been pointed out (HERE) that many of his supporters are a hodgepodge of classless and clueless rubes that The Donald has defrauded into thinking that he "alone" can save the country. That the Christian Right has embraced him (as a "baby Christian") says a lot about how they will treat Hillary in the future (Anti-Christ first comes to mind). The man with questionable morals has sunk lower than the rudest fire and brimstone Southern Baptist preacher, but they are OK with that.

The statue has, of course, been depicted as sinking to Trump's level and a crude mistake. But think of it as a desperate sigh of relief that the man won't get to the White House. It's a post-election release of tension before the election. It's a sign that Americans can laugh at the hideous creature of their own making.

And Now "The Pivot"
It's a turnaround that makes Trump lose his balance and fall off his own self-made pedestal.

Because very few believe it. That the man with unbelievable confidence in himself has voiced "regrets" is inconceivable. Even his clueless supporters deserve better than a cowardly afterthought. His flip-flops are reported to be so major and well put, they will be received as if he meant them all along. 

Right. Even his stalwart supporters have better memories than that. 

Imagine Trump never said another derogatory thing about women. He’d still be the guy who lashed out at Fox News host Megyn Kelly by suggesting she asked tough questions because of her menstrual cycle. And he’d still be the guy who has at various points called individual women “pig,” “dog” and “fat slob.”
Imagine that Trump never uttered an unkind words about Latinos. He’d still be the guy who claimed that Mexico was sending rapists across the border, who thought he could court Hispanic voters by eating a taco salad on Cinco de Mayo and who questioned the integrity of a judge presiding over an anti-Trump lawsuit because of the judge’s Mexican heritage.

And his "pivot" is at times, like Trump, bizarre: 
West Bend — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump went to the suburbs Tuesday night to talk about America's inner cities, court African-American voters and lay out a plan to restore law and order in the country.

West Bend is a predominantly white suburb: who the hell is he talking to? And he falsely told African Americans that they were so bad off that they had nothing to lose by voting for him. 

Some thoughts by former supporters:

“When he initially began to run, he gave voice to a lot of the frustrations that I was feeling about how government is working or more to the point not working,” focus group member Michael said. “But since then, he’s been running as a 12-year-old and changes his positions every news cycle, so you don’t even know where he stands on the issues.”
"The more he made it about his personality, the less likely that I am to vote for him and it seems like everyone else is going in the same direction here.”

And with the direction Trump's campaign is going, the late-term shake-up in staff says a lot to people:

A Virginia Republican“You can keep moving people in and out of the car, but so long as the drunk guy is driving it while blindfolded, the ride probably isn't going to get any smoother.”
"Break Glass In Case OF Emergency"

That's what Republican leaders are calling the strategy to steer resources away from Trump and funnel them to Republicans whose political careers are in danger of going down with the ship. Few have hopes that a proper "pivot" along with major flip-flops will halt the downward spiral Trump has engendered. 

Epic public humiliation. Weak turnaround. Supporter defections. GOP despair. 

Next up: Debates? Why bother?  

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Some Delusions Are More Harmful Than Others: a The Case of Donald Trump vs Florence Foster Jenkins.

"Every voice deserves to be heard." is the tag line to Meryl Streep's latest opus, FLORENCE Foster Jenkins. That may be true for matters of art, but is it true for elections and the electorate?

People might say that it all depends upon the voice.

Florence Foster Jenkins was deluded in thinking that she was a great opera singer. She received boos and laughter, while telling people that some people were mere "hoodlums" sent by "rivals."

Jenkins was the very first camp artist: her singing was so bad that it was considered good entertainment. Her "life's achievement" at Carnegie Hall was sold out in advance because celebrities (including Cole Porter) wanted to be entertained by a woman with an indomitable spirit. 

The timing of the movie couldn't have  been more perfect: juxtaposed against Trump and his campaign, it gives a picture of a much more benign delusion than Trump's

Who's Voice?

As far as deserving to be heard, in politics it not only depends upon the voice, but what/who is causing it to be used. Who thinks it's THEIR VOICE?

In Trump's case, the delusion is on both sides: The fact that Trump's hardcore fans blithely dismiss his gaffs, inexperience, contradictions and even his fraudulent behavior shows that they are deluding themselves that they are worthy of a voice.

It is self-delusion fueled by mass delusion. 

As numbers drop for The Donald and climb for Hillary, one wonders what a monumental waste Donald Trump has been to America. True, part of America found its "voice" (like Jenkins ) but is it a part that's reasoning or just reactionary?

It may sound elitist and discriminatory, but does that kind of voice deserve a chance to be heard to the extent that a boldly unreasoning, uneducated and exceptionally bigoted voice deserves to be heard in a level equal to the rest of the populace?

Simply put, do fear, hatred and bigotry DESERVE to have a voice and be heard?

Trump rallies celebrated their "voice" with contempt for everything outside their limited ken and environment. They only proved that if an undignified, crass and clueless lot screams loud enough, it will be heard just as offensive (and earsplitting) music from a boombox has to be heard by unwitting passengers on a crowded bus. 

A Singular Voice for a Singular Person

The wall between Trump's narcissism and his patriotism is exceptionally thin. He is quick to call all critics "losers" and keeps on attacking them long after the situation is gone. Criticism of anything he is associated with is personal. When asked what he wanted people to take away from the convention, he said simply "that people like me." No mention of the Republican platform or any issues. To Trump, the election is simply a popularity contest. 

What drives Trump's delusions has been a matter of debate for years,* but it is clear that his delusions drive other delusions, forming a very toxic mess.

Too Far Gone?

Along the campaign trail, Trump's critics have tried to point out when he has gone too far on issues. The "I alone can fix..." the ills of the country, as Clinton, said, raised all sorts of red flags, leaving his stalwart fans looking delusional themselves. Are they too far gone in their zeal for an ideal of bigotry and isolation? Are they now totally blind to Trump's blind vanity?

Back in June, George Will called Trump a "bloviating ignoramus" and Trump shot back with his usual "Loser" response. 

Such a response is undignified to say the least. But Trump's converts don't like dignity, they don't like responsible reasoning and they like the talk, as unreasoning as it sounds. 

Below is a recording of the real Florence Foster Jenkins singing (Florence Foster Jenkins Massacres Mozart) accompanied by some unbelieving and distraught cats. 

As a reasoning human  being, which would you rather hear again - Jenkins or Trump?

*Some of Jenkins' delusions could be attributed to the fact that she contracted syphilis at an early age, and that the toxic combination of mercury and arsenic along with tertiary syphilis were far too much to bear. It has not yet been determined if Donald Ttump also suffers from tertiary syphilis, because his delusions of greatness started very early on in life and his business career.