Saturday, February 16, 2013

Meet Judie Brown: The Ole Time Nun In Drag And Grand Inquisitor

I'd never heard of this woman before, but an item in Right Wing Watch caught my eye:

American Life League: Excommunicate Catholic Democrats for Being Under 'Demonic Deceit'

Just who the hell would call for the excommunication under those circumstance, I had to know. It seems that the American Life League is the oldest (supposedly largest) "grass roots" Catholic pro-life organization wit the ear of the Vatican. And its founder, Judie Brown, is more like that nasty, moralizing nun we boomers remember all too well:

“As the faithful watch the accelerated destruction of morality in America and the Henry the VIII style tactics of the attempted destruction of Catholicism in America by Obama and his ‘Catholic’ drones, one wonders where most of America’s bishops are,” Brown laments, “Why have these high-profile destructive Catholics not been publically rebuked?”

Great, just what we need, a rabid Sister Mary Ignatius who is not in the least bit funny.

To cut right to the heart of the matter, why haven’t each of these hypocrites been publically and unequivocally excommunicated?

Perhaps, Judie, it's because few have had the gall nor the authority to call for excommunicating anyone. Moralizers who are so eager to send the souls of their enemies to hell are the most counterproductive people whether in regards to faith and morals or just plain surviving. Such righteous arrogance like Brown's is totally out of control.

Since I'm on a Betty Bowers kick, check out the Perfect Christian's take on abortion. Beat's Brown's for honesty anyway.

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