Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Does The Day Create The Headlines OR ... Do The Headlines Create The Day?

A blogger is deluged with hundreds of headlines a day. RSS feeds rule his life - they help form his opinions and  his daily psyche. To some, their home page is like keeping the pulse of some wild, uncontrollable beast.  To others, it's more like a worn-out machine, running in stops and starts, hiccuping along the day. 

Here's what the fodder for writing on religion, politics and LGBT issues looked like today (midday)

U.S. Senate Confirms Chuck Hagel
Meg Whitman, Prop 8 Supporters, Now Same-Sex Marriage Advocate
Conn. School, Under Pressure, Approves Student To Wear Anti-Gay T-Shirt
Was State Senator (CA) Rubio Auditioning For A Job At Chevron?
Despite NRA's Urging, Survey Shows Teachers Oppose More Guns In Classrooms
Medical Marijuana Has 70% Support In Florida
Balloon Crash In Egypt's Luxor Kills 19
Jesus Set The Minimum Wage
Letters To George Zimmerman Revealed
Boehner Tells Senate To "Get Off Their Ass This Time"
Farah: National Debt Violates At Least Two Commandments
Harvey: Obama's push for LGBT rights a "Humanitarian Disgrace"
Is Tim Tebow Marginalizing The Religious Right?
GOP Congressman Introduces Congressional Amendment To "Permanently Ban Obamacare"
The Shrinking Workforce
Against The Good 'Ole Days
McConnell Fires Back After "Race-Baiting" Attack on Wife
Chris Christie Not Invited To CPAC
Church Sign Of The Day: Your Miracle Is Still In Your Mouth
Guns For Beyonce Tickets Proposed
Oscar 2013: Hollywood's CIA Celebration*

Pick and choose. Pick and choose. 

Like some bizarre smorgasbord, the headlines for news and opinions tempt ... and repel, but we have to deal with them, ingest them and make sense out of the worlds of religion, politics and LGBT rights. 

Pity the poor blogger who tries to focus on EVERYTHING. He would get lost within an hour.

Never to return. 

*Culled from rss feeds from:

AP: Top Stories
CNN: Top Stories
Yahoo: Top Stories
LGBTQ Nation
Firedog Lake
Religion Dispatches
Think Progress
The Dish
Crooks and Liars
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