Monday, February 4, 2013

Dear Black Hole Of Texas: Keep Your Glenn Becks, Your Revisonsaries, Your Paranoid Patriots And SECEDE ALREADY!

Think of it: a nation filled with Glenn Becks, Rick Perrys, Pat Robertsons, Cindy Jacobses, Wayne LaPierres, the American Family Association ... and ALL of the NRA. Then think of the rest of our nation...

without them.

In a love-fest ostensibly to demean the nomination of Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary, Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz tipped their hands in their hatred of everyone and everything even slightly liberal. Buried in the total annihilation of Hagel ("In the Middle East, he is on the wrong side!...almost un-American"), Cruz admitted that he had invited Bank of America, Luger and Smith and Wessen to Texas, ostensibly since Chicago mayor Rahm Immanuel asked Bank of America not to deal with the arms manufacturers. The idea of Texas as a fortified country harboring gun manufacturers moneyed by profiteering banks evidently never crossed their minds.

But it was not lost on the rest of America.

They also joked that all people coming from California should take an entrance exam upon entering Texas, since they should understand that Texas has different ideas about "freedom" and what it really means" This is the last bastion of real freedom ...We don't want to turn it into California." They also joked about a wall between the two and lack of security from liberals and their socialist agendas.

Glennbeckistan: aka Independence USA

Glenn Beck has been fostering national paranoia for years - the kind of paranoia that enabled Rowan Williams in his thoughts about righteous assassination of workers at the ACLU and the Tides Foundation. His latest proposal, however, is a self-sustaining Texas enclave called Independence, USA.
According to Beck, Independence, USA will be a bastion of freedom - of the marketplace as well as education, parenting, etc. He also states (counterintuatively) that the GAP and Ann Taylor will not be welcome. What he does not state is that various groups will not be welcome either since the Christian Right will reign supreme: in other words, no homosexuals, no welfare moms,and no progressive Christians (especially those who do not carry guns).

In proposing Independence, USA, Glenn Beck is advancing the causes of Texas secession and gun control paranoia.

A Welcome Secession

Unfortunately, the love fest (which also trumpeted an increase in low-paying jobs) did not include the number of people who would be ecstatic if Texas seceded from the Union. The video below may seem like an absurd parody, but it's undeniable that people would be happy to do without: guns, a high execution rate, a lower rate of literacy, televangelists, Southern Baptists ...

and the Texas School Board.

Review for The Revisionaries:

     "Just wow. Watching these whacko Texans rewrite their textbooks led by a guy who refuses to believe in evolution because it's crazy talk, but believes that humans hung out with dinosaurs is spellbinding. This might be the best horror film of the year. The best part is that the director simply filmed these fine folks and let them make fools of themselves for two hours. The worst part is that they really did change the textbooks in Texas."

And while new laws have been passed that have weakened the power of the Texas School Board, the damage to Texas as a state within the bounds of reason has been serious: Rick Perry continued the insanity with his Prayer Rally, inviting the likes of Cindy Jacobs and demonstrating an acute disdain for anyone not adhering to radical, creationist Fundamentalism.

Texas secession: it would usher in a wave of asking other states to secede.

Tennessee, what's keeping you?

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