Friday, February 8, 2013

Should Dorner Have Had Easy Access To Guns? His Own Answer: "NO!"

A former policeman, hunted for an alleged killing spree, has told the rest of the country that there should have been stricter background checks when he obtained class III weapons.

Maybe this time someone will listen.

Of course, it certainly won't be the NRA ... nor will it be the Christian Right. And even the MSM has shied away from Christopher Dorner's left-of-center views.

Several very particular (and some peculiar) points in Christopher Dorner's "Manifesto" have come out related to both gun control and the Christian Right.

While several minorities within the LAPD were singled out ("You are a high value target"), it was clearly the entire force that he felt destined to eradicate, since he could not find one who would help him clear his name.
"All the firearms utilized in my activities are registered to me and were legally purchased at gun stores and private party transfers. All concealable weapons (pistols) were also legally register in my name at police stations or FFL's. Unfortunately, are you aware that I obtained class III weapons (suppressors) without a background check thru NICS or DROS completely LEGALLY several times? I was able to use a trust account that I created on quicken will maker and a $10 notary charge at a mailbox etc. to obtain them legally. Granted, I am not a felon, nor have a DV misdemeanor conviction or active TRO against me on a NCIC file. I can buy any firearm I want, but should I be able to purchase these class III weapons (SBR's, and suppressors) without a background check and just a $10 notary signature on a quicken will maker program? The answer is NO."
His first encounter with racism happened in his early grade school years when someone called him the "n" word. He reacted by hitting the offending kid. For his efforts, the principal not only "swatted" his taunter, he also swatted Christopher, then:

"He stated as good Christians we are to turn the other cheek as Jesus did."

A bit of righteous arrogance on the part of the principal formed Chris' opinions about religion for the rest of his life (the Christian Right is going to have a field day with this one):

Problem is, I’m not a fucking Christian and that old book, made of fiction and limited non-fiction, called the bible, never once stated Jesus was called a nigger. How dare you swat me for standing up for my rights for demanding that I be treated as an equal human being.

The Dorner Manifesto

The entire Christopher Dorner "Manifesto" can be viewed HERE. It must be read in its entirety to get the full gist of the man - a man who is trying to clear his name.

A name is more than just a noun, verb, or adjective. It’s your life, your legacy, your journey, sacrifices, and everything you’ve worked hard for every day of your life as and adolescent, young adult and adult. Don’t let anybody tarnish it when you know you’ve live up to your own set of ethics and personal ethos.

At times rambling, but imbued with a pithiness that few would expect from a wanted man of his caliber, the manifesto has only been selectively quoted - cherry-picked, some might say - to give the impression of a man out of control. The MSM has focused on passages against minorities in the LAPD ("You are a high value target"). The larger context, however, shows that it was clearly the entire force that he felt destined to eradicate, since he could not find one who would help him clear his name.

The Manifesto will be analyzed to a great degree, but used by both sides of the political spectrum to advance their causes. Whatever the analysis, however, Dormer cannot be dismissed as someone who "snapped" or someone who simply "had a grudge."

Court of Public OpinionSeveral of Dorner's points are high on the list of public concerns: gun control, racism within the LAPD,and police violence. But the gun control issue with certainly hit hard and Christopher Dorner will be judged by his political affiliations as well as his call for greater gun control through universal (and more thorough) background checks. Whether or not his points will be considered those of a madman remain to be seen. Whatever the outcome of the manhunt, Dorner will not be allowed to state a coherent case again. 

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