Monday, January 27, 2014

If Ann Coulter Were A Mother

I saw The Bad Seed the other night - a movie some have called the scariest movie ever made: a movie with no blood, no gore, no hideous phantasms, which never seems to lose its horrific appeal upon those who first see it. It is the story of a little girl born without a conscience - and without any redeeming qualities in her soul. She is totally in control of her environment because she puts on a face of innocent perfection, while plotting her next piece of vengeance.

The Bad Seed was very controversial for its time, taken directly from Maxwell Anderson's play, it brought to the fore the theory of nature versus nurture: can evil be inherited? Can it skip a generation or two? Is it, somehow, buried in genetic makeup?

Several years ago, right win pundit and FOX darling Ann Coulter posited in her book Mugged: Racial Demagoguery From The Seventies to Obama that most illegitimate children wind up to be criminals.* And while she seemed to be on the nurture/environment side of the argument, some people (like me) couldn't help but think that she could have been hinting at the nature possibility.

So it makes one wonder: what would a child of The Coultergiest be like? What would the little darling inherit? What "virtues" would be instilled  AC? Think of Ann Coulter as a mother (before breakfast, please).

Comments, please ...

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*I have a confession to make here which might make me slightly biased: I was born in an orphanage - a place called St. Vincent's Infant Asylum and Maternity Hospital in Chicago. I was born illegitimate - a bastard - but to Ann Coulter I'm still a bastard whatever the circumstances. After all, I'm a liberal.

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