Tuesday, January 7, 2014

FRC Strategy 2014: To Continue Battling The Evil Homosexual Activist Empire!

FRC Action's Strategy For Victory: Harp On The "Religious Liberty" Theme ad infinitum. 

Dear Dan,

     I come to you today with a very straightforward -- and very serious -- request: Please renew your support for FRC Action for this New Year of 2014.
The House of Representatives is where we have the greatest potential to make the greatest impact -- to secure your religious liberties ... and keep America from descending into a quagmire of self-destructive socialism.
      This is urgently important because President Obama and his allies in Congress appear to be on a search-and-destroy mission when it comes to religious liberty. This administration has expressed its hostility to religious freedom at every turn: in the workplace, in the military, everywhere.
     It's critically important because of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a dangerous bill that would destroy the religious liberties of Christian employers and employees.
     I ask boldly for two crucial reasons: the past, and the future.
The past is our rock-solid track record of highly effective work on Capitol Hill and across the nation representing your values, fighting for faith, family, and freedom.

In a nutshell: Socialist (read: Pinko/Nazi/Anti-Christ) Obama wants to destroy religious liberty by advancing the "homosexual agenda." And homosexual activists (the scourge of the universe) will be able to get their way by having every truly faithful Christian thrown in jail for saying the name of "Jesus" and the word "homosexual" in the same sentence.

Or something like that.

The money-beg focuses on the mid-term elections, and while it doesn't mention revenge on those putrid politicians who dared to cast a tolerant eye on "teh gays", it leaves no doubt that heads will roll. 

Perkins' "rock-solid track record" includes Republican Party members who are devolving into Tea Partiers in suits, headed by Ted Cruz and the ne'er-do-well Rick Perry. Wielding his  media people at FOX News (principally Sean Hannity and Mike Huckabee), he hopes to counteract the Christian Right's embarrassingly bizarre defeat in Virginia of Cucinelli and E.W. Jackson. He also hopes to garner support for the CR's main export (homophobia) in Russia, Uganda and all countries willing to go against the Declaration of Human Rights. 

All of these things under the umbrella of "religious freedom." 

To win 'em over, just make 'em paranoid. 

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