Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wacky Is As Wacky Does: Ten Crazy Christofascist Quotes From The Values Voter Summit.

Sen. Ted Cruz Easily Wins Values Voter Summit 2016 Presidential Straw Poll

That headline alone should tell you what last week's Values Voter Summit was like: it was really a Christofascist hate fest that brought about rousing applause from Tea Partiers, FOX News diehards and the American Family Association (a sponsor). It also brought about gaffaws and WTFs from the rest of the country.

By now, everyone on this political planet knows that Cruz was heckled (a lot), showing that there might have been some people in attendance with a modicum of brain cells, but the rest of the three-day show was littered with homophobia, misogyny, silly fits of righteous arrogance, and hyperbole fit for panderers to the Sun King.

The similes and metaphors were ridiculous to the extreme:

Ryan Bomberger: Homophobia Is A Myth, Gays Are Like Kleptomaniacs

“The absurdity of terminology like homophobia; so for the people who cohabitate, if you don’t agree with that behavior are you a cohabiphobic? Or if you disagree with someone who has a habitual stealing problem, are you a kleptophobic? That’s the insanity of this; tolerance demands anything but tolerance, just complete formality to someone’s sense of poll-driven morality.”

So FRC's Peter Sprigg is not homophobic because he wants every homosexual jailed? Bomberger's reasoning is certainly a bit twisted. Ooops, that makes me Brombergerphobic.

Jim Bob Duggar Compares US To Nazi Germany During The Holocaust

Everyone likes a good Holocaust story (except maybe Holocaust deniers), but Jim Bob Duggar* simply inserted a story for no other reason than it had the words "Nazi" and "Holocaust" in it.

In the hutzpa department, pundit Sandy Rios gave us these gems:

Anybody Know an Ex-Gay? They're Fabulous!

Rios has constantly given the number of ex-gays in the thousands. Nobody raised their hand.

The Matthew Shepherd Murder Was A Complete Fraud

This was thrown out to the audience simply because it was the 15th anniversary of Matthew Shepherd's death. She was basing here accusation on a recent book that has been questioned by journalists and family members alike.

Carson: Obamacare 'Is The Worst Thing That Has Happened In This Nation Since Slavery

As a black physician-politician, a FOX News "contributor", Benjamin Carson fits the bill for conservatives who need to seem intelligent and less racist. Unfortunately, Carson's hyperbole is so off base that any credibility seems remote. He also hates the possibility that somebody might be able to afford him.

Parker: Gay People And 'Enemies Of God' Should 'Keep It Private'

The problem with Star Parker: nothing is private. The former addict/prostitute plays her sordid past and conversion like violins - actually more like an entire symphony. Her born-again-ness has been worked to death, but it has not given her the right to tell anyone else to shut up.

Jackson: Next To Jesus, America Has Been 'The Greatest Blessing Given To Mankind'

E.W. Jackson is ratcheting up his campaign for Lieutenant Gov. of Virginia by giving American exceptionalism a boost. Now if he could just get rid of the "EEEW" factor of his other statements about gays and abortion, the man radical Right wingnuts consider "the future of conservatism" he might not be so far behind in the polls.

Santorum: Contraception Mandate Is A 'Descendant Of The French Revolution'

Rick Santorum's rant about how the French Revolution was based on Liberty (Good), Equality (Good) and Fraternity (Bad) and therefore Obamacare is insidiously bringing on another form of French Revolution is almost painful to watch. Your brain battles his phraseology to come up with a kernel of sense and loses.

Lila Rose Likens Her Anti-Abortion Activism To Malala Yousafzai

Did we say Sandy Rios had hutzpah? If she did, then Lila Rose had unmitigated gall - insulting unmitigated gall. Rose links Planned Parenthood to Satan and demonizes pro-choice people everywhere she goes. Yousafzai has a Ghandi-like quality that Rose cannot even begin to touch upon. 

Capping the crazy was, of course, the Queen of Christofascist Crazies, Michele Bachmann. Here is her now famous "Obamacare is Death Care" speech that will go down in the annals of ... whatever. 

*Jim Bob Duggar is the reality TV star of "Nineteen and Counting" wherein he and his wife show people how to properly and righteously overpopulate the earth.

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