Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Call For A Violent Christian Uprising: It Had To Come Sooner Or Later

Update: And the video has been yanked from YouTube.

Right Wing Watch:

On yesterday's episode of "Prophetic Perspective on Current Events," Rick Joyner declared that democracy in America has failed and that the nation might not last even to the end of President Obama's term, warning that we are heading for a tyranny from which we can only be saved by a military takeover.
"There's no way our republic can last much longer," Joyner said, adding that "we're headed for serious tyranny" because the electoral system is so broken that the leaders we need who can save this nation will never win office. That is why "our only hope is a military takeover; martial law."

Calling for a takeover of the government can be looked upon as a form of treasonous rebellion, but in Rick Joyner's world, it's acting in the service of God. The correlation to Islamic fundamentalists is, of course, lost to him, but that's another story. The real story here is that Joyner is calling for violence, a justified Christian Jihad against the U.S. government and against its citizenry.

Some religionists claim that Joyner is really just an old fashioned necromancer since he references his talks with the dead. He certainly claims to have visited heaven enough - even to the extent that he had a conversation with the apostle Paul. So be it in the circles of Right Wing Christo-cretins. Cindy Japan-is-shaped-like-dragon Jacobs claims as much. The problem as I see it: Joyner has a wide following among the lunatic fringe who, with Joyner's coaxing, could cause some real bloodshed.

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