Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Screams You Hear Are Not God's: Christian Right Enraged That SCOTUS Acquiesced To The Creator, Allowing Gays To Marry.

DOMA is down. Prop 8 is caputt. God is pleased. America is relieved.

And the cult of Tony Perkins is pissed. No, not pissed - ENRAGED! And there is great gnashing of teeth, wailing, and rending of garments at organizations like NOM (National Organization for Marriage), FRC (Family Research Council/Tony Perkins) and the AFA (American Family Association). "Bishop" Harry Jackson, Lou Engle, Linda Harvey, Pat Robertson, Bryan Fischer, James Dobson, Mike Huckabee (and most of FOX News except maybe for Shep Smith) are simultaneously weeping while foaming at the mouth.

It is a theater, a circus, not to be missed.

It is easy to see the progress of righteous indignation: the circus parade will commence with the terms "activist judges" and "powerful homosexual lobby." They will then move agonizingly on to "a nation without God's protection", through "Obama will enslave Christians" then to "the end of civilization as we know it."* They will juggle "it's a choice" with "reparative therapy" and the newest ex-gay ministry (anyone who denounced the demise of Exodus, International). The march of lions (Evangelical Elmer Gantrys), tigers (Catholic bishops) and elephants (Republican panderers) will be long and colorful, the ensuing weeks filling FOX News with Coulters and Malkins and Rushes. Moral acrobats will chant "but we really love them!"

Jesus Wept, Obama Rejoiced

The predictable reactions:

"Today, marriage, children, and the rule of law all suffer." Randy Thomassen, Save California

"The Supreme Court has just abandoned 7 million voters, giving us no justice and no access to the courts. Maggie Ghallagher, NOM. 

In a miscarriage of justice the US Supreme Court has refused to consider the decision of a single federal court judge to overturn the perfectly legal action of over 7 million California voters who passed Proposition 8 defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Brain Brown, NOM.

Friends, today is a shameful day in American history. - Gordon Kingenschmitt, In Jesus Name Project

How long before federal agents haul pastors out of the pulpit? - Todd Starnes, Fox News

Amidst all the protesting hoopla, the Christian Right will miss the possibility that the Creator is actually pleased: God surely approves of anything that progresses to brotherly love. And His Son, Jesus, might actually rejoice along with mortals like President Obama. Such thoughts are heresy, of course, since they go against strict interpretations of a Bible written to instruct sinners, and not to confirm the love of the Creator towards His creation. They will eschew the possibility that SCOTUS believes it as well: denying people the right to confirm their love and form a recognized commitment is not only against the Constitution, but against divinely created humanity. They will certainly dismiss opinions (posts like this) as "absurd," thereby continuing their circus of the absurd.

Yes, the coming months will be very, very entertaining.

The Gifts That Will Keep On Giving

It is no coincidence that the rulings fall on the 10-year anniversary of another landmark ruling, Lawrence vs. Texas (6/26/03) which struck down Texas' sodomy law. The timing of both were planned as gifts to the LGBT community. True, both rulings were 5-4, but those opinions were arrived at months ago. And by a court that realizes it must reflect most of the country:

WASHINGTON — The nation's rapidly changing attitudes toward homosexuality have been reflected in dramatic changes in the views of presidents, the rules for military service and the policies defining families.

And now, in the Supreme Court.

Can A Circus Provoke A War?

One week ago, a coalition of Christian Right ministries and organizations - the ironically named Freedom Federation - vowed to oppose any court rulings with outright non-compliance:

" ...make no mistake about our resolve. While there are many things we can endure, redefining marriage is so fundamental to the natural order and the true common good that this is the line we must draw and one we cannot and will not cross."

There will be a rash of ministers refusing to performs marriages in the coming years, but the impact of such a stance may be moot: fighting a war that has already been lost is futile and will unnecessarily cause casualties - bloody casualties - in the name of God, Family and Marriage.

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