Friday, June 28, 2013

Prepping For Sodom and Gomorrah (San Francisco) - With Rhinestones, Brimstone and Pat Robertson

"So ladies and gentlemen, your liberties are in danger because read the Bible about Sodom and Gomorrah. That's where the term comes from, Sodom."
"Look what happened to Sodom. After a while, there wasn't any other way, and God did something pretty drastic."
Pat Robertson, responding to SCOTUS marriage equality rulings.

Prepping for Gay Pride in San Francisco could be angst-ridden if it weren't for the anticipation of seeing hundreds of thousands of joyous people. What to wear, for example: should we go "trashy" or camouflaged in rainbow colors (in rhinestones, of course, to please the tourists)? Should we bake in the hot sun at the start of the parade down at San Francisco's Embarcadero or should we cool it in the shade of Civic Center buildings? We'll have to wrap up quarters in dollar bills, of course - to thrown onto the rainbow flag for the AIDS Emergency Fund. And we'll have to arm ourselves with cameras for pics of those poor hunks on the floats. (I've been in the parade on a float several times and can tell you that it isn't exactly the joy ride people think it because it can be exhausting waving, smiling, bumping, grinding for up to three hours. Many of the people on the floats just want to go home afterwards.)

But it's not the floats, nor the music, nor the slogans that make the parade, but the people (OK, and the hunks): they are the most fun-loving, joyous, considerate people ever congregated to celebrate freedom and diversity.

And this year there may be an epic turnout: it may reach over one million joyous people.

All because of SCOTUS ... and Pat Robertson.

San Francisco has always been considered the Sodom of America - Castro Street being it's REAL center - so it's natural to relate San Francisco to Pat Robertson's latest comment about the SCOTUS rulings to SF and its annual love fest. Now we have to figure out what kind of outfit goes with fire and brimstone.*

And there will be a great many people this year: estimates range up to one million - numbers energized by SCOTUS' rulings and people wanting to see the great F&B light show Pat Robertson is so hoping will happen. Of course, there are other people and organizations that have chimed in about forthcoming the catastrophic results: hundreds have wailed to the tune of "This is the end of civilization." Prayer rallies to counteract the rulings and pray that Obama will not throw dissenting Christians in jail are all the rage this weekend.

And In The "You've Got To Be Kidding" Category ...

The Family Research just released their new ad for a prayer rally this Sunday (during the parade) to counteract the SCOTUS rulings. The phraseology and symbolism is so lost on the FRC, that it is going viral for laughs. It could actually be a great Pride Sunday poster: just as good as hot, muscular, hairy, sweaty dancing men, it promises a good fellatio time for all:

The most unfortunate anti-gay logo and slogan in the history of politics - Americablog
WTF? Who thought this was a good idea? Are there secretly pro-gay people, maybe clever queens in their midst undermining their anti-LGBTQ message? I only ask because the last hater push using catchy interwebs slang was from NOM and called 2M4M – meaning, “two million for marriage.” Except 2M4M is actually personal ad-speak for a gay couple looking for a menage-a-trois! Ooh la-la! - Firedog Lake

Now, sexually charged print errors have been made in the past,** but this is not a print error. It's still on the FRC site.

Pertinent anecdote: about 50 years ago, there was an ad in the Montgomery Ward catalogue for a toy that would form a Tootsie Roll into a whistle you could blow. The dimwitted buyer thought it was the greatest thing since hula hoops, so he had the catalogue copy (monster two-page spread, of course!) read:

Make It! Blow It! Eat It!

It became a legend in the catalogue industry. 50 years ago and even the mid-century sexual dullards (minus one) knew a sexual connotation when they saw it.

The creator of FRC's campaign ad should certainly be on his knees - begging forgiveness for such a piece of viral humiliation.

So as San Francisco burn with happiness and love, some hearts will burn with righteous indignation (while on their knees, of course) and supplication for America's sinfulness. Both scenes are fitting to a glorious Pride month.

Hope you had a good one.

* It's quite possible that more people went to Disney World's Gay Day after Pat Robertson warned Orlando to expect a meteor.

**Let's not forget the smiling face of female realtor in the blurb for one ranch style house: "It's a wonderfully large house, with a big dick for entertaining."

First, The Righteous Indignation

Then, the sexy joyfulness (courtesy Colossus)

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