Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My War Against Pat Robertson and Why It Matters

I've had to take a break from blogging. Other things intruded. Personal lives are like that, aren't they? One could arguing that this blog is personal, but it really isn't, since it goes out there to so very many people whom I don't know. It's PUBLIC.

Anyway, I 've been delving into the issues published today (the new Pope, marriage equality) with an atypical languor simply because everyone else has been writing about them and there is nothing new under the sun about them to write about. And there's the intensity the subjects create, which is wearing on a writer, especially one as snarky as I am.

So I'm turning to an old subject with which I am familiar and which oddly energizes me: Pat Robertson, that senile, Christofascist and abysmally insipid piece of "eye pudding" (as Stephen Colbert so aptly put it). Robertson's stomach-churning displays of "wisdom" are legion, but today's latest entry struck me as the core reason of my war against this incredible slab of hypocrisy, because it's been at the core of his "ministry" from day one: money.

His video profile of a family who "turned to God" (and, of course, The 700 Club) after losing it all is the stuff of sitcoms, or at the very least a good SNL sketch. It is also a great ad for the prosperity gospel, although Robertson has eschewed the term for "reciprocity" when dealing with the Lord. His throw-away line is "You can't out-give God," but you CAN give the 700 Club $20 a month which may give you back 20, 30, 60-fold. The featured family did so, and look where they're living now!! 

The idiocy of the video lies in the last shots: the denouement supposedly comes from the family realizing that money isn't everything, that material goods should not be placed before God, but the house (and wealth) they garnered after giving Pat their money was definitely worth more than the one they lost! It looks twice the size! These people lived in a million-dollar home, incurred $5 million in debt, lost the home, went bankrupt, then gave Pat Robertson $20 a month for several years and now live in a whopping mansion! 

This is a picture of Pat Robertson's home - the ONLY house the $20-per-month tithe ever generated:

It's modeled on the opulent Governor's Palace of Colonial Williamburg, VA and a tribute to Robertson's father, Senator Absolom Willis Robertson, the quintessential Dixiecrat (a "Byrd Democrat" devoted to segregation). It houses the televangelist (worth an estimated $1.5 billion) in dignified comfort, an additional tribute to God's "reciprocity." 

Sh*t Matters

Scam artists like Pat Roberton never die. They just fade away, dragging their unearned billions behind them, inspiring others to do the same. That's why a war, any war against the likes of Pat Robertson is so important: it prevents future Pat Robertsons, or at least dwindles their numbers down to an irrelevant few.  

Additional note:  during the last part of the donor drive, Robertson offers a book about people who have had have near-death experiences. Notice the author: Gordon Robertson, Pat's son.

"Reciprocity." It's all in the family.


  1. You are complete moron. You use big words unnecessarily. You just dont get it and I wont argue with you. And when you put him down you give him even more because the bible teaches, blessed are you when people put you down for my names sake. Ummmmm it appears to me that Robertson is extremely blessed. Does your dumb ass know that he has written enough books to be filthy stinking rich? God or not. But since he has done all he has for the lord He has showered Robertson the desires of his heart. Walk in his shoes and you too can walk in a 1.5 billion dollar house. Robertson is a living sacrifice fir the lord and I am so glad to see the lord has blessed him so. cracks me up to hear idiots like you talk.

    1. The desires of your heart should be heaven and the mansion there. A true man or woman of God lives a Godly life and instead of living in a million or billion dollar home, they should live in a nice comfortable home and the extra money should be used to take care of God's other children. We should not flaunt riches and when God says he'll give you the desires of your heart, I believe he's talking about holy desires of being with him in heaven. Remember, it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven. All the preachers that live rich earthly lives that say give, give give will one day regret, regret, regret. Think of how many homeless and hungry children of God they could feed if they themselves gave what they had and lived more humble lives. You can have a nice small home and good inexpensive vehicles and live just fine for God. I bet he'd prefer it actually.

  2. Another f&^*ing idiot who loves Pat regardless of what this guy does to scam people. Good grief. No wonder the world is in such a state with people following blindly.

  3. I don't ever remember seeing Mr. Robertson going off to Bangladesh to personally help those people. In fact I don't ever remember him out on the streets in NYC feeding the homeless and helping them find shelter. Now he supports keeping refugees out of our country? Doesn't sound very Godly to me. He ain't no Mother Theresa. Now there is a woman of God. Robertson doesn't have the internal character or integrity to shine her shoes.

    1. Thank you! While few people listen to what Robertson has to say these days, those who do listen are rather frightening in their logic:

      "Does your dumb ass know that he has written enough books to be filthy stinking rich?" What does that have to do with anything except a "prosperity gospel" based on plain greed. God has "blessed" a lot of bad guys with wealth (I won't mention our current leader) - a lot of scammers like Robertson, hoping that his audience (targets) are dumber than he is.

      To put it another way: people like Robertson do not have the integrity of ... Pope Francis.