Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Is Pat Robertson The Ultimate Hypocrite? Environmental Religious Fanatics? Really?

It would seem so with this video.

Pat Robertson, as everyone knows, has been blathering on blissfully, enraptured by his own senility this past decade. His "wisdom" has focused on demonic Halloween candy and clothes from Good Will, slatternly wives being the greatest cause of divorce and the assassination of Hugo Chavez (the death of whom, yesterday, must have been bittersweet - Chavez didn't die the want Robertson would have liked). His righteous arrogance may be cloaked in pudding-faced humility, but it oozes out of his pores just the same.

It is the kind of righteous arrogance that helps him make statements like the one in the video below

He calls environmentalists "crazy" and calls their goal to "destroy everything they think is polluting ..." a religion. Watch it.

And while you're at it, picture the bulk of his followers: little old ladies in nursing homes touching their TV screens in hopes that Pat Robertson will cure their hemorrhoids.

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