Monday, January 11, 2016

The Polarity Of 2016: One Man's Hope Is Another Man's Despair

I tried to look up the phrase, but, to my surprise, I couldn't find it, or who might have said it. 

With the exception of "God's Ambulance Chasers" I'm not good at coining phrases, especially one that should have been coined at least two millennium ago. 

Anyway, the phrase sums up the future year for America. We've not seen such polarity for decades: Right Wing vs Left Wing, "No" vs "Yes", white vs black,  rich vs poor, Red vs Blue and ... Trump vs Hillary. Like some giant oxymoron, America manages to cancel itself out by being pro and anti everything

Of course, there are the "Nones", the "I don't knows," and the "Unaffiliated," but they don't stagnate the American landscape like the polarized. So 2016 may wind up being a massive tug-o-war with nobody winning or losing, but just feeling tired at the end.

Pardon me if, while I wish you all a Happy New Year, I sit this one out.

1 comment:

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