Monday, September 14, 2015

My Quest As A Renaissance Man

Here the list of things I have done in my life. It is certainly a partial one, proving only that a writer of religion and politics has to know a little about many things and have many rewarding (and not so rewarding) experiences.

Pianist (American Conservatory of Music)
Go-go dancer (stripping at SF's infamous End Up)
Claims Adjudicator (Social Security)
High School Teacher (speech, music, drama)
Book publisher (Strawberry Hill Press, Strictly Books, Inc.)
Book Publicist
Broadcaster (Strictly Books, Talk America Radio)
Retail window dessign
Set design
Blogger/writer on religion and politics, homosexuality
Reference books for such (including the Bible): 130
Author (autobiography)
Client Intake Volunteer (AIDS Emergency Fund)
Promotions Executive (Board of Directors, AIDS Emergency Fund
Tutor (k-10 - Winner of the Jefferson Award for Community Service)
Caregiver and medicinal assistant (8 years, patient with skin, anal and liver cancers)
Chef (avocation - specialties: creme brulee, boef bourgignon, svitkova [Czech], kolacky [Czech], puff pastries)
San Francisco history reporter
Historian (avocation - English and European history)
Trivia Raconteur (avocation)
Husband to the greatest man in the world

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