Sunday, June 7, 2015

MUNI Training Or Twlight Zone?

Having fun while training!

Sitting - waiting for MUNI to get unstuck from the tunnel. It will be a long time. Certainly more than riders want.

But MUNI doesn't care.

I don't usually write on local San Francisco problems - I leave that to Matier and Ross of The Chronicle. But ineptitude and indifference forces me to rant.

Last week was the prime example of MUNI indifference: three training cars lumbering along without a care in the world. Two if them passing by passengers standing on the in-bound platform at 19th and Holloway, virtually giving them all a collective finger at peak times. One of them stopping for a green light, then starting on the red. Another gave everyone a start: it was a green antique F Market car on an in-bound M line track. Perhaps it was coming from "The Twilight Zone"? What a lark for the trainer and trainee! "Let's see the look on their faces when they see this!"

MUNI is nothing if not sadistically insulting.

Of course, riders if the M line are used to insults: erratic arrivals, getting stuck in the tunnel, being dumped out in West Portal.

All with the ubiquitous and equally insulting "Sorry for the inconvenience"*, mumbled inaudibly with an accent placing the driver's origin somewhere between Timbuktu and Mars.

"MUNI is going to improve - and on a grand scale." Forty-one years of hearing this leaves one slightly skeptical.

The following PIXAR short gives you the feeling of what it's like being handled by MUNI and its driver trainees.

*I've heard it said that this apology is routinely given to people MUNI runs over.

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