Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dumb and Dumber: Crazy Pastor's Wife Would Like To Execute Josh Duggar

Can't get much dumber than these two!

With all the brouhaha about Josh Duggar and his molestations of his sisters, you think that he would receive support from people other than Mike Huckabee. Unfortunately, even the craziest part of the Christian Right is bring faggots to the auto de fe: Zsuzsanna Anderson, sublimated wife of Steven Anderson ("It would be an AIDS-free Christmas if all gays were killed") has said that for years, she has thought the Duggar family too liberal for her taste and that sexual deviants should be executed. 

Raw Story has the bizarre story HERE.

To demonstrate his incredible intelligence, Anderson has memorized substantial parts of the New Testament word for word, but (in his case) an idiot savant is still an idiot savant. 

Maybe it's a good thing for Duggar that he didn't win their support.

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