Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Coming Out Of The Hate Closet For The New Year: Answering A "Patriot"

Hate Begets Hate

With this writing, I am coming out of the hate closet. I've tried my whole life to "love" everyone - even my enemies, but I've sinned in this regard and I can no longer be hypocritical about it.

I hate the Christian Right.

A big "DUH!" just exploded from the internet ether. Yes, I'm stating the obvious, but this is one of the few times I've ever admitted to pure, unadulterated hatred. I have to admit the admission feels good, since hatred is part of the "human condition" and comes easily to everyone - certainly easier than love. In admitting it, I feel more human.

What brought about this admission? Pressure has built up over the years to admit my guilt, but today, I received a comment for an article, Why I Hate Duck Dynasty. (As If It Matters). I will not name the person commenting. All I can say to describe him is that he is a member of the Patriot Movement according to his avatar. 
     "You claim to be a reverend and yet seem to have no religion in you. You are filled with hate for anyone who might not like homosexuality and homosexuals. You are angry and bitter and write mostly negative pieces about one subject only. You say you are angry because you have to write about it when you don't. You simply are ego driven to project yourself out there on others because you want everyone to listen to you, you, you... You are angry because you judge icon Phil Robertson to be shallow, but maybe you should look in the mirror?

     "And you say America is easy to deceive and this is precisely why liberalism and homosexuality have been allowed to dominate our culture in recent years which many are now coming to regret. Many growing millions out there are now more resentful than ever reverend. And since it is politically incorrect to have such views, those tens of millions will just keep it to themselves. Homosexuals come out of the closet and push anti-homosexuals into the closet. Way to go there reverend.

     "Yes America is easy to deceive which is precisely why you and others have taken advantage of it to ram your platform down everyone's throats whether they want it or not. You don't seem to care.

      " Why I Hate Duck Dynasty. (As If It Matters)" And it don't matter, but project your hate anyways reverend.
It was the last sentiment that prompted me to come out of the hate closet: hate always matters and the comment's vituperative rant made me realize that I have hated some people just as much as they hate me. But WHY I hate, ah, that is something of which the commenter doesn't have a clue.

"... you seem to have no religion in you."

God, I hate that.

Response: there is none of YOUR religion in me.Which may be a good thing. I have FAITH in more than a codified religion: I have faith in God, in scholarship and humanity (in that order). Note: I did not write "God, the Bible, and America," which is what you would have preferred.

"You ... write mostly negative pieces about one subject only."

I hate that too.

Response: you (like the rest of the Christian Right), assume that because someone writes negatively about something on a consistent basis, they are obsessed (or possessed). I've written about a myriad number of things regarding religion and politics, but I think of myself as merely focused (another good thing).

"You simply are ego driven to project yourself..."

Response: Writing is almost always an egotistical act. You write when you comment (and you comment extensively here at OpEdNews - over 1000!). Interestingly, I've noticed from your profile that you have not contributed articles, only comments. Perhaps you are an avowed apologeticist. Perhaps the only way you can get your point across is by posing a negative against a negative. Perhaps you are an ardent cynic. That is a contribution, to be sure, yet you've never written any unique article on this progressive (read: liberal, to you) site. Lamenting the sad state of American culture seems to be your raison d'etre, commenting constantly and very, very often, as if you have nothing better to do with your life.

" ...politically incorrect to have such views ..."

Response: "Political correctness" was formed so that people could speak politely to and about one another. True, it has been formed by some rather stringent codes, but the Christian Right has never bowed to political correctness: it speaks its mind no matter how insulting, degrading, or demonizing it may be. It speaks against what it wants and who it wants and is never slapped on the wrist: the myth of pulpit hate speech being criminalized is just that - a myth. 

" ...the "growing millions"

Response: The "growing millions" of which you speak may be the wounded tiger about which I often write: dangerous in its stance against personal freedoms (freedom that seem to go contrary to "religious freedom" but do not). It is also dangerous in its stance against diversity of any kind: those "millions" who are "coming to regret" are merely the ones who despair of the change to diversity and want everything to be as it (never really) was: a Father-Knows-Best-flag-waving-Christian-only nation. You claim to be a patriot, but is that true patriotism? I wonder. The first patriots were for freedom ... and change. They took a big first step into the future and did not dwell on the past. They embraced new and diverse thinking because they loathed the chains of a theocracy as well as a monarchy.

"... ram your platform sown everyone's throats"

Response: It's not so much ramming down throats as repeating dictums of love and tolerance (some Biblical) because many people like yourself are so narrow-minded as to be thick-headed. Seems to be an oxymoron but it is not. But herein is where a common in-your-face myth stands: those asking for tolerance are not hypocritical, lacking tolerance, because we ask for tolerance only from the people we think are reasonable. Have we ever asked for tolerance specifically from you? I doubt it. We're not into butting our heads against stone walls. After viewing your other comments, for example, I would never ask for tolerance from you - or your compatriots.

Thanks and No Thanks
I do have to thank you, of course, for forcing me out of my hate closet. Others have tried, but missed the mark. Your comment made me realize that I am human and cannot therefore, like God, love every human in existence. I strive to love, but slip into intolerance and hatred occasionally.

I do not hate Christianity. I believe myself to be Christian in that I try to follow the teachings of Christ. True, I do not believe some other things the Christian Right believes to be true: I do not believe, for example, in Creationism, the inerrancy of the Bible, Augustine of Hippo's construct of Original Sin, or the theology of being "born again." I am certainly not YOUR kind of Christian, but I am Christian in my own way and (hopefully) in the eyes of the Creator. 

As to the Christian Right: I hate them, of course, for their abhorrent righteous arrogance. Theirs is not the "one, true faith" simply because there is no one, true faith. Any faith that enlightens, inspires man to better himself and his neighbor is a "true faith." And hypocrisy? The Christian Right has always been rife with it - lousy with a hypocrisy that has corrupted everything it has touched. 

It may well have corrupted you. 

God bless you.

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